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Our Practice and Services

Now, in its 15th season as a Los Angeles based corporate defense trial law firm recognized in state and federal actions throughout the state of California and elsewhere for its professional, result-oriented no-nonsense approach to successfully defending clients’ in and out of the courtroom . . .

Protecting our client’s best interest

We provide comprehensive legal representation to clients’ need to address, respond to and defeat any state or federal lawsuits, or threat of lawsuits, against our clients, their executives, representatives and employees. The Petrullo “quick-response” team can be deployed within hours to provide immediate crisis management to sites throughout the country in an effort to minimize any risk of exposure or damages.

Providing immediate, personalized and formidable representation minimizes the risk of any current and/or future exposure while ensuring the right outcome and preserving our clients’ integrity and good reputation in the marketplace and its community.

From small-cap companies to globally recognized Fortune 250 organizations facing eight-figure damage claims and the threat of punitive damage awards, John Petrullo has successfully defended clients in and out of the courtroom while earning a reputation among his peers as a nationally recognized trial lawyer with a current record of 89 jury trials to verdict, a 100% client satisfaction rating and, since ‘93, John has maintained an AV peer review rating as a national trial lawyer.

Since ‘89, John Patrick Petrullo, as a partner and national trial lawyer with Preston Gates & Ellis, shareholder and trial lawyer with Buchalter Nemer, and founding member of Petrullo, has had the responsibility and privilege of successfully defending a long line of clients, including BCI Coca Cola Enterprises, Inc., Beverly Enterprises, Inc., The Carlyle Group, Chattem, Inc., The DuPont Company, Ethyl Corporation, FMC Corporation, Cambridge Health Systems, HCR ManorCare, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Surgical Supply, Inc., Ingersoll-Rand, Kerr-McGee Corporation, Magellan Health Services, Inc., Malibu Toys, Inc., Masland Carpets, Medical Protective Company, Miles Corp., Mobay Corp., Owens-Corning Fiberglass (asbestos litigation), Phico Insurance Company, Renal Treatment Centers of America, Rhone-Poulenc, Inc., Safeco Select Markets, Sears Roebuck & Co., Union Carbide, Van Waters & Rogers, Inc., Wilson Towing, Inc., and Witco Corporation.

Commitment to our Community

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Our Legal Services

Recognized as the “go to” law firm for High Stakes bet-the-company litigation, the firm represents and defends local, state and national clients. across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses against claims of alter ego liability, consumer fraud, unlawful employment practices, intentional mis-representation, false advertising and labelling, violation of the False Claim Act, corporate governance, corporate malfeasance, commercial disputes, Medicare fraud and abuse, violations of the False Claims Act, unlawful business practices, unfair competition, defamation and HIPAA matters.

Our team provides smart, cost-effective and efficient legal representation in and out of the courtroom and have earned and continue to earn the “AV” professional rating by Martindale Hubbell recognized as achieving the highest standard of legal professionalism throughout the country.

With more than 55 jury trials to verdict, John Petrullo was elected in 1999 as an active member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (“ABOTA”) and, in 2010, John accepted an invitation to join the Association of Business Trial Lawyers (“ABTL”).

Health Care Litigation

With an appreciation for the everyday press on regulatory compliance and business, our Health Care team of litigators and trial lawyers represent and defend skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, research entities and other health care providers including their agents, employees, affiliated vendors and other healthcare businesses in cases based on allegations of elder abuse, neglect, Medicare fraud and abuse, defamation, violations of section 1430(b) of the Health & Safety Code, section 17200 of the Business & Professions Code as well as violations of the Unruh Act, unlawful employment discriminatory practices, wrongful death. . . . and class action defense.

Product Liability . . . Toxic Tort

In those cases where a manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer is allegedly liable for monetary and other damages caused by a defect in the manufacture, design and sale of its product, Petrullo has successfully defended product manufacturers and distributors of consumer, commercial, industrial and other medical products. We have extensive litigation and courtroom experience and an understanding of and appreciation for the laws in California regarding the design, manufacture, labeling, distribution and warnings of products alleged to be defective; and, our team includes independent medical, regulatory, product-design and engineering consultants and experts.

In the area of harmful chemical exposure – toxic tort – Petrullo has represented manufacturers and distributors in cases seeking millions of dollars in damages allegedly caused by defects in the design, assembly, manufacture and/or the failure to warn of the risk of harm and injury products, and failure in breach of expressed and implied warranty(ies), negligence, intentional misrepresentation and fraud.

Professional Liability

In the medical and healthcare arena, Petrullo has represented and successfully defended skilled nursing facilities, long term care centers, managed care companies as well as surgeons, physicians and physicians’ groups, acute care centers, medical centers and research facilities and other healthcare providers in cases arising from claims of medical malpractice, negligence and wrongful death.

In cases alleging corporate negligence, corporate malfeasance, director & officer liability and other actionable theories of recovery, we have represented business owners, Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Officers as well as their agents and representatives in cases borne out of accusations of professional liability.

Business, Corporate Litigation

From the board room to the conference room to the courtroom, Petrullo has successfully represented and defended several of the nation’s leading manufacturers, distributors, skilled nursing facilities, managed care entities in every substantive area of business and commercial litigation, including claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty(ies), corporate malfeasance (i.e., allegations of bribery, embezzlement, etc.), corporate defamation, fraud . . . and class action defense.

Employment Law

Petrullo provides employment counseling and litigation services to California employers from compliance with the applicable state and federal laws to civil actions alleging violation of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, unlawful/illegal discriminatory practices, environmental health, workplace harassment, retaliation, wage & hour disputes and wrongful termination.


Building on the success of having tried more than 80 jury trials throughout California, and in Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Madison, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tacoma, we maintain an awareness of the risks and cost of litigation with a view toward resolving litigation in a mediation format, where appropriate. We also maintain trial readiness posture founded on solid courtroom experience, an accurate early “triage” and risk assessments . . . and the right story.

We offer our clients several advantages over traditional production-oriented law firms

1. Our Network

A national network that can be deployed within hours to stabilize the moment and reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure and damages.

2. Effective Defense Strategy

A defense strategy tailor-fit to resolve any threatened or actual litigation as quickly, effectively and cost efficiently as possible, while minimizing disruption to your ongoing business activity and goals.

3. Exceptional Case Management

Case management that provides clear vision, uncompromising leadership, pragmatic thinking and an ability to think out-of-the-box to protect your bottom line.

4. Litigation Protection

An ability to identify and eliminate existing and potential blind spots within your organization that could expose the company to expanded damage claims or future litigation.

5. Client Focused Billing

We are committed to total client satisfaction. You will never be billed to confer with us on any questions you have, advice you need or any other matter you need to discuss with us.

6. Long-Term Relationships

We look at protecting your entire company and not just the area a current matter may be impacting. We want to develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and results.

7. Legal Expertise

An expertise in all of our areas of representation that is second to none and which allows us to often close a matter before it even rises to the level of litigation or trial.

8. You Have a Voice

Should a matter need to go before a judge and jury, the attorneys of Petrullo LLP are the partners you want defending you. Why? Because we give our clients a voice in and out of the courtroom.

In my view, trial lawyers and litigators must be defined by the new realities of today’s business and legal landscapes where the need for clear vision, leadership, pragmatic thinking and the ability to see around corners is essential to defending clients . . . and winning.

John Petrullo

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